Leveraging years of manufacturing experience to provide high-quality FMT products that are safe, effective and consistent

As FMT gains greater regulatory acceptance, there is a growing need for consistent, high-quality FMT products to support hospitals, clinics, physicians and clinical researchers who are providing treatment and conducting research to demonstrate FMT’s value toward new indications. At Novel Biome, we understand that FMT products are essential; our sole focus is to provide the best FMT products, utilizing highly screened donors, a state-of-the-art microbiota lab, and stringent manufacturing standards.

Our Capabilities

Specialized FMT Manufacturing

We understand the importance of manufacturing under stringent standards to create consistent, safe and scalable high-quality FMT products. We prioritize quality and safety in every aspect of our operations, and our commitment to producing high-quality FMT products is reflected in the creation of our specialized and purposed-built microbiome laboratory.

FMT Products

At Novel Biome, we provide consistent, high-quality FMT products in a range of formulation options to best help you individualize treatment for patients. All our FMT formulations are freeze-dried, so they can be transported without being frozen and stored long-term at 4 degrees Celsius for up to 2 years. We currently offer 4 formulations options utilizing frozen stool: Colonoscopy, Enema, Oral Capsules and Oral Powder.

Donor Screening

At Novel Biome, we understand that the most critical safety component for all FMT products is appropriate and safe donor screening! This is why we make this our #1 priority, ensuring that we manufacture the highest quality product utilizing extensive donor screening, appropriate medical assessments which exceed standards, and over 120 different blood and stool testing parameters.

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