Here’s What Clients Are Saying

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Our treatment protocol has demonstrated improvement in digestive related symptoms as well as improvement in autism-related symptoms during and after 16 weeks of treatment.

Here’s What Clients Are Saying


Angela & Shawn

I think you guys do such a great job being aware of the child's needs. Like not being able to sit still for very long. So all the appointments were really quick and thorough and it was really easy going...

I know a lot of people have concerns about capsules and so forth, but with Theo we just mix the maintenance dose with a little bit of water, and then just feed it to him through a syringe. And so we just finished our 16 weeks and it went fairly simple.

The benefits of FMT have just been the best possible outcome. We have our boy back. where before he was just in a ton of pain, we actually did a rating with the chiropractor a year ago. And he was in a thousand percentile of stress response in his body. And now he’s just above a hundred. So a hundred percent improvement of his stress response within his body. And just goes to show how effective the FMT is. And so now his progress,( we’ve received word from all of his therapists, his teachers, even family and friends like), he’s different, he’s progressing, he’s interacting with people more often, more frequently with other kids, other adults.

Even just looking at him, you can just tell, his eyes are clear, he’s present, he’s not talking, but he’s still present and engaged. And another huge thing that we’ve noticed is him following instructions. That was not happening before. Just little things like, Theo, you need to put that back. Or, don’t go over there, and he listens.

We have a lot of hope now, other interventions I think can definitely help cause his body’s not as stressed. Now, we can help him develop. So thank you.”


Suke Texas, USA

My son Shaan regressed into moderate autism. I feel like it was a combination of vaccines, miralax and antibiotics. He was diagnosed at 21 months with moderate autism...

He was at 1 percentile for expressive and receptive communication at that time. He once left a 2 year old bday party to go to the parking lot to touch 50 license plates on cars. He would cough 3 hours a day. Had 3 bands of lyme on a test. He would wake up constantly in the middle of the night. He would run around the classroom during story time and in music class. His ATEC score was 72. Through a combination of ANRC essentials, TRS, nemechek, 40 hours of ABA therapy a week, plus aquatic and equine therapy and chiro massages I managed to get his atec to 32. In Jan of 2020 at the age of 3.5 we decided to take him to see Dr. Jason Klop for a FMT in Mexico.

The following gains have occurred in the 10 months since starting treatment:

  1. Stopped coughing
  2. Sleeps through the night
  3. Better focus and attention
  4. Whole body listening
  5. Rides a bike
  6. Fully conversational. Expressive is age 5.5 and receptive is 4.5 He is 4.3 years old
  7. Perfect handwriting
  8. Did a 500 piece puzzle independently
  9. Jumps into a swimming pool with no anxiety.
  10. Knows 150 world capitals.
  11. Perfect eye contact.
  12. Has empathy and a best friend
  13. Can walk down a spiral staircase fast without touching rails and alternating feet. Current ATEC score is 4. Same as his age.

Autism has completely humbled me as an older parent. It has made me a kinder, gentler and better human being. I love my son more than everything in the world combined. Never stop believing in miracles. Thank you Dr. Klop for restoring my soul.


Kate UK

I trusted you. I trusted that your product was excellent...

In December we just made an appointment to see you and decided we’d do it as soon as possible. So we just booked it for March”,….”I trusted you. I trusted that your product was excellent,” … “then she’d start laughing, and then she said, “Bridie, Bridie.” To her sister, and got her sister to do it which was, as you can imagine from a child who never had communication, it was a miracle.



My son started treatment 1.5 years ago and continues to improve….after FMT, everything started to normalize

My son was born premature and has microdeletion with a lot of sensory, and anxiety issues. He often asks repeated questions, lacks interest in play, and has constant drooling.

We searched endlessly for solutions. We did food allergy testing and found that he was allergic to many foods that were the primary trigger of his constant drooling (hypersalivation), researched about FMT and its potential advantages on ASD symptoms and food sensitivities, and took feedback from parents who did FMT and decided to research FMT as well through Facebook and read about the Arizona study on Autism.

We very recently made the decision to work with Dr. Jason Klop and his team and found the whole FMT process was very smooth. In terms of improvements, our son’s food sensitivities are already significantly improved, which means he hardly drools anymore. His anxiety levels have dropped significantly and he shows interest in new games. We are very hopeful that post completion of maintenance doses he should be on a path to a full recovery.

My message to other parents is to have faith in the FMT provided by Dr. Klop and to follow the FMT protocol completely.


Texas, USA

Our son Preston stopped breastfeeding at 6 months of age, at which point, we started having problems with what we thought was acid reflux...

At this point, we tried several organic formulas and did not get improvement until we added probiotics, which was an early indication his symptoms were related to his gut microbiome. He began reading from the age of 6 months old but then at 10 months, he lost eye contact. He was eventually diagnosed at 3 years old with autism. Over the next 12 years, we struggled with Preston not being able to adapt to school, then homeschooling, and finally we moved to the best school district in our region. Throughout this time we were seeing different Doctors and alternative health care providers. We tried the gluten-free, dairy-free diet for years, without noticing enough difference to continue.

With FMT we continue to see improvements. His severe rash from eczema was reduced by 75% by day 5 of treatment and is now 99% cleared up by 6 months. Preston is currently homeschooled, and we can tell he is much more focused, and as a result, getting good grades. He is more thoughtful, on top of his chores, and does not need to be reminded. We are now able to connect with him on a deeper level, which makes teaching that much easier. We see a more advanced level of questions from Preston, which indicates to us that he has a much higher level of awareness.

FMT is by far the best treatment we have done in the past 16 years, we are still seeing improvements and absolutely expect a full recovery.



I cannot thank Dr. Klop and his team enough for what they have done for our son. The support we received before, during and after the treatment, was amazing. Dr. Klop answered any questions or concerns that I had.

I have been meaning to write about the progress my son has made since doing FMT in February 2021. I have a five (almost six year old) non-verbal son, classified with moderate to severe autism.

I first heard about FMT, through his Bio-Medical Doctor and to be totally honest, I brushed it off and said there was no way I was taking my son out of the country for treatment. My son has struggled with chronic constipation since he was almost a year old. We tried everything and nothing worked. Up until the point that we did the FMT, he was on a suppository regiment every night in order to have a BM.

Desperate to try and help him and just maybe alleviate or reduce other autism symptoms, I started doing research and spoke with Dr. Klop and his team, it was hands down the best decision we ever made.

We have one more week of the maintenance dose and my son’s constipation is almost totally gone. His stomach bloating went away and he is now completely potty trained! He has made so much progress in so many different areas. Below is a list of things he can now do that was not possible before.

  • He is trying to speak and will try to say whatever word you ask him
  • Following simple commands (Cognition is so much better)
  • Getting dressed and undressed with limited assistance
  • Putting his own shoes on and off
  • Eye contact has improved dramatically
  • He is playing with his younger brother
  • More engaged and not lost in his own world
  • Playing so much more appropriately with toys, etc.

As a mom, I questioned all the improvements we were seeing and trying to stay subjective, I decided to re-do his ATEC evaluation checklist. Before we started FMT he scored a 104 (severe) seven weeks into treatment he scored a (63) it had already went down 41 points.

I cannot thank Dr. Klop and his team enough for what they have done for our son. The support we received before, during and after the treatment, was amazing. Dr. Klop answered any questions or concerns that I had.

My only regret is not doing this sooner. I feel this is a great foundation for all other therapies and interventions to work.



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