Your Health, Our Mission

We at Novel Biome™ are a team of dedicated medical professionals who are committed to supporting children and families affected by autism.

We are driven by the firm belief that all chronic disease can be eradicated through precision and targeted manipulation of the gut microbiota.

We are driven by passion

We want to help patients with Autism dramatically improve their quality of life!

(and reduce Autism-related symptoms)

Dr. Klop spent the early part of his career working in the field of digestive health and microbiome restoration focusing on conditions that were not responding to pharmaceutical interventions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

Starting in early 2018, Dr. Klop incorporated Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT) into his practice with great results and then later, based on demand, focused nearly exclusively on offering this treatment for children with autism and autism-related symptoms.

We are Committed to Improving Patient Outcomes

Our treatment protocol has demonstrated improvement in digestive related symptoms as well as improvement in autism-related symptoms during and after 16 weeks of treatment.

We ensure patients come first

Our team of experts are focused on ensuring the treatment experience is seamless, transparent and communicative, always ensuring parents feel supported, understood and confident.

Our Focus is on Data

We are committed to capturing and collecting relevant and meaningful treatment outcomes data. In doing so, we can better inform treatment decision-making and positive improvements to the treatment protocol.

The Novel Biome™ Way

We continue to treat more and more ASD patients resulting in our capturing and accumulating a large body of clinical outcomes. We feel our FMT treatment experience makes us one of the most experienced treatment clinics worldwide.

  • Safety
    The most critical component of your child’s medically supervised FMT treatment is adequate donor screening and high quality product manufacturing! Here at Novel Biome™, we make this our #1 priority and follow all FDA and American Gastroenterology Association donor screening standards to ensure the highest quality end product.
  • Medically Supervised
    Novel Biome™ was founded to provide high-quality medically supervised Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT) for autism and the diverse range of symptoms that come with being on the spectrum. It is our experience that combining expert medical oversight, along with individualized treatment results in the best outcomes.
  • Research Validated
    Novel Biome™ is the first and only clinic in the world to duplicate the treatment protocol developed by Dr. James Adam and his team at Arizona State University. At 18 weeks, they observed an 80% improvement from baseline in digestive related symptoms as well as a 25% improvement in autism-related symptoms after only 8 weeks of daily FMT treatment. At a two-year follow up, they observed the 80% improvement in digestive symptoms maintained and a further 20% improvement in autism-related symptoms was reported, for a total of nearly 50% improvement from the baseline of the study.
  • Patient Centered
    We are dedicated to supporting children and families affected by autism to improve their quality of life as well as push for more research and the eventual approval by individual country’s regulatory and approval bodies for the inclusion of FMT as a treatment for autism worldwide. Every decision we make is through the lens of improving patient safety and increasing efficacy.
  • Ongoing Support
    Novel Biome™ has assembled a team of dedicated experts to help ensure that you are informed throughout the entire treatment process, including individualized pre-treatment suggestions, treatment at our medical centres and post-treatment. It is our goal that you feel supported, understood and confident as you move through the entire process.
  • Transparency
    We understand that there are many considerations and decisions that need to be made in order to receive treatment. We are dedicated to ensuring transparency throughout the journey to ensure you are making informed decisions that are in your or your child’s best interest.

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We have treatment centres in Mexico, Panama, Hungary and Australia with more coming soon.

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