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Convenient Access to Treatment

Demand for our treatment approach continues to increase. To meet this demand, we identify like minded clinical practice's that are professional and patient focused and form collaborations to secure additional treatment sites in new, convenient locations to facilitate greater treatment access for families around the world.

Consistent High Standards of Treatment

We receive many emails each month from interested parents around the world, who are requesting enrollment for their child into our treatment program. We recognize the importance of providing multiple global treatment destinations to reduce the distance families have to travel, thereby reducing the stress and hassle.

For this reason, we actively identify new opportunities for partnership with treatment facilities and hotel partners who are in desirable locations offering service and amenities consistent with our high standards. Where possible, we also look to include suitable restaurants and food stores who’s offerings are consistent with the dietary needs of families. If you are an interested clinical stakeholder or an interested parent, with clinical connections, please let us know and we will see if we can create a mutually beneficial relationship that stands to serve the families we support.

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To be considered to join one of our retreats, you must first have a phone call (at no cost) with one of our dedicated team members. This is a great opportunity to have any questions and/or concerns answered, so you can confidently make an informed decision!

New Locations - Coming Soon!

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Book Your Discovery Call

Please contact us to discuss our treatment approach, to receive more information or to join one of our treatment retreats. 

We have treatment centres in Mexico, Panama, Hungary and Australia with more coming soon.

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